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Core Values

At McPhillips Law Firm PA, we incorporate our core values into every engagement and every transaction, striving to:

  • Deliver high quality legal services to businesses and individual clients;
  • Satisfy the needs of our clients and anticipate their needs in the future;
  • Adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity; and
  • Perform legal work in a timely manner.

Our clients and prospective clients seek us out for honest counsel. Sometimes that counsel takes the form of legal representation, and sometimes that counsel is to suggest to a client or prospective client that a desired business outcome is not feasible. Other times the best counsel we give clients and prospective clients is that we are not the best firm to help with a particular engagement, perhaps due to the area of law implicated by the engagement. In all the counsel we give, we focus on cultivating a long-term relationship with our clients and prospective clients, understanding that even by foregoing representation, we build trust with our clients and the community. Our desired relationship with our clients is that they call us for their legal or professional service needs, and we help to guide them to the appropriate professionals, within or outside of our firm.